Far-Reaching | Forward-Looking

Since its launch in 2010, IP Theory has served as Indiana University’s premier academic publication on intellectual property law and technology. Over the past seven years, our readers and authors have expressed their appreciation for IP Theory‘s unique product–that is, short-form scholarly works that concisely address current complexities in our field. IP Theory continues to grow into a platform for stand-alone essays as well as writings that supplement longer-form, traditional law journal articles. We hope for IP Theory to be far-reaching and forward-looking. 

As part of IP Theory‘s mission to be far-reaching and forward-looking, the journal publishes content in its text volumes and in its podcast, Fire of Genius. Each features incredible IP scholarship from practitioners, students, and lawmakers. With both media for sharing cutting-edge discussions in IP law, IP Theory has built a solid foundation for scholars to share their research.

Similarly, IP Theory is always looking to engage with scholars interested in publishing their work. If you would like to submit content for publication review, please send your topic and article to iptheory@indiana.edu. Alternatively, you can find IP Theory on Scholastica.

Thank you for your interest in IP Theory. We appreciate your support on our wonderful journey.