A New Chapter

Since its launch in 2010, IP Theory has served as Indiana University’s premier academic publication on intellectual property law and technology. Over the past seven years, our readers and authors have expressed their appreciation for IP Theory’s unique product–that is, short-form scholarly works that concisely address current complexities in our field. IP Theory continues to grow into a platform for stand-alone essays as well as writings that supplement longer-form, traditional law journal articles.

We hope for IP Theory to be far-reaching and forward-looking. Thus, we recognized the importance of covering pressing global IP issues, and sought to partner with an institution that has ties to prominent scholars, practitioners, and lawmakers in Europe and Asia. We are now thrilled to welcome the Jindal Global Law School to the IP Theory team. Our upcoming issue will include fascinating transcripts from a conference recently held at Jindal.

Another significant chapter in IP Theory’s story came in Fall of 2016, when we decided to give our journal a modern home on the web. We developed this website with the consideration that the content be compatible not only on traditional computer and laptop displays, but also on the range of mobile devices our readers use today.

We have most recently delved into utilizing a modern medium for conveying information: The IP Theory Podcast. The podcast will feature interviews with scholars, lawmakers, and practitioners who will share their expertise in exploring pressing IP topics.

IP Theory’s progress thus far has become a sound foundation for which we hope to excel. Thank you for your interest in IP Theory, we appreciate your support on this wonderful journey.