Fire of Genius: The IP Theory Podcast

Fire of Genius is IP Theory’s premiere podcast channel. Our latest episode features Professor Christopher Buccafusco in a discussion about his latest coauthored article: “Intelligent Design.” Please join us for a discussion on doctrinal and costly screens across multiple intellectual property regimes.

Season 2 of Fire of Genius began Spark of Genius, IP Theory’s  new podcast series featuring our Associate Editors. Enjoy brief updates on current issues in the world of intellectual property.

Fire of Genius: Season 1

Fire of Genius: Season 2

Upcoming discussion topics will include:

  • The Supreme Court’s recent Helsinn decision and reactions to the outcome
  • The WTO’s 2018 decision regarding Australia’s Plain Packaging Act, holding that the Act does not violate international trade agreements or trademark rights
  • The history of trademarking colors, the recent resurfacing of this trend, and some of the possible policy implications that courts will need to address in the future in light of the recent Louboutin case