Volume 13



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Faculty Advisor and Primary Contact: Professor Michael Mattioli
Faculty Advisor: Professor Mark Janis


Volume 13, Issue 1:

Taxation of Intellectual Property Litigation by Chitra A. Ram

Direct to Consumer or Direct to All: Home DNA Tests and Lack of Privacy Regulations in the United States by Karen J. Kukla

A Closer Look at the “Eye” Test: The British Influence on Early American Design Patent Infringement Law by Mark D. Janis

What’s Not Natural Phenomena? Let’s Consider a Three-Step Innovative Concept Test for Composition of Matter by Sydney Hancock

Volume 13, Issue 2:

They Copyright Requirement of Human Authorship for Works Containing Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content by Runhua Wang

Failure to Function: A Potential New Shield Against Trademark Infringement? by Alyssa Yoshino

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