Volume 12



Lillian Huff

Editorial Team

Publishing Editor: Hannah Vittorio Trimpe

Managing Editors: Scott Nolan & Alex Mischke
Audio Editor: Megan Wheeler
Content Editors: Allissa Aardema & Marcus Hoekstra
Note Editors: David Lebby & Philip Ouweleen
Business Manager: Luke Steffe

Articles Editors: Jacob Boesch, Graham Christian, Stephanie Kaplan, Robert Kesling, Karen Kukla, Caroline McCord, Margaret Melchi, Shunyo Morgan, Taylor Nunley, Amy Qi, Maya Salinas, Nicole Scelta, Sydney Schnur, Ahsan Sohail, Qixuan (Vanessa) Wang

Faculty Advisor and Primary Contact: Professor Michael Mattioli
Faculty Advisor: Professor Mark Janis


Volume 12, Issue 1:

“An Introduction to ‘Marshall Law'” by IP Theory Volume 12 Editorial Board

“Reconciling Copyright “Restoration” for Pre-1972 Foreign Sound Recordings with the Classics Protection and Access Act” by Tyler Trent Ochoa

Life After Google v. Oracle: Three Reflections on a Theme by Daryl Lim

Marshalling Copyright Knowledge to Understand Four Decades of Berne by Peter K. Yu.

Volume 12, Issue 2:

The Constitution Commandeth: Thou Shalt Not Protect the Same Subject Matter Under Design Patent and Trade Dress Laws by Kenneth B. Germain and Louis H. Sitler

A Hot Spit-Take: Why the Supreme Court Will Hold That There Is No Privacy Interest in Commercial DNA Data by Mounir Jamal

Indian Pharmaceutical Patenting Under Section 3(D): A Model for Developing Countries by Nicholas Eitsert

Volume 12, Issue 3:

The Social Value of Intellectual Property by Alina Ng

Protection and Prevention: The Shortcomings of U.S. Copyright Law in Combatting Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry by Luke E. Steffe

Encouraging Public Access to Pharmaceuticals Through Modified Protection of Clinical Trial Data by Scott Michael Nolan II

Fair Use Failing the First Amendment? How the Parody and Satire Dichotomy May be Stunting Political Discourse by Megan Lynn Wheeler

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