Life After Google v. Oracle: Three Reflections on a Theme

By: Daryl Lim

from Volume 12 (2022-2023)

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In 2004, Professor Leaffer published an article titled Life after Eldred: The Supreme Court and the Future of Copyright. He wrote about three cases decided in or after 2001 to provide a snapshot of the Supreme Court’s position on copyright issues. This Article discusses three reflections on this theme. The first reflection flows directly from Google. It discusses fair use in Andy Warhol Found. for Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith, as well as text and data mining for artificial intelligence uses. This Article then reflects on Arnstein v. Porter’s lessons for modern copyright infringement law. Finally, it reflects on the current state of software protection at the intersection of patent and copyright law in light of Alice Corp. Pty. v. CLS Bank Int’l.